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"1st time going to see a Physical Therapist and it was an eye opener. Was very knowledgeable of the body and able to pinpoint things that I have never noticed or paid attention to. Thoroughly went through many steps to assess, diagnose, and formulate a treatment plan catered to my individualized needs. Definitely recommend checking out Envision Rehab & Performance for physical therapy needs."
Nov 05, 2020
"Lance is a wonderful therapist who seemed more like a friend helping me to gain back what I had lost through an injury. He explained everything clearly and always encouraged me to where I wanted to keep going. He was fun to be with too and that alone is a remarkable trait! Thank you, Lance! All the best to you!"
Oct 21, 2020
"Dr Berry has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals after TKR surgery. He is an excellent listener and tailored each session's therapy to my needs. I plan on using his service again for TKR of my left knee."
Aug 07, 2020
"I had torn Bicep and a torn Achillies tendon that had been nagging me for quite some time. I had been trying to treat it myself. Within five visits of Lance's well thought out therapy protocal and dry needling technique, I am feeling much better, and am back into my full workouts. As the owner of a personal training studio, I would highly recommend him to anyone! Chad Kroll Owner Inspire Fitness"
Jun 30, 2020

“My daughter had surgery on a knee and was home recovering. After the post surgery follow up, the swelling was still more than anticipated and PT was scheduled with surgeons office for a week out. Dr. Berry got us in the day after we called. We can’t be more happy with results. One day later she was down to one crutch and the next no crutches and swelling very minimal. I have also used Dr. Berry for a hearniated disk and pinched nerve. I found him only after many failed attempts with other specialty pain management Drs. We will be going back to Dr. Berry for all our PT.”


“Dr. Berry is a very knowledgeable professional. I discussed my personal performance goals with him and he worked with me to develop a personalized and targeted strategy to help me achieve these goals. I recommend his practice if you are looking to gain an edge in your training or if you are working to recover from an injury.”


“I am a practicing dentist that has had a lingering shoulder injury for years. Dr Berry was able to go through range of movement exercises and isolate the sore muscle groups. He did an excellent job relieving muscle stress. I can’t wait to go back!”